Boats for Sale

2kayaks1 2kayaks2 2kayaks3Time to clean out the garage again. I’ve got an itch to make a King Island kayak, but I don’t really have a place to put it. So, a sale.

The brown skin-on-frame in these pictures has been sold. The red and white kayak remains for sale. It’s a stitch and glue boat that’s about 18′ long, weighs slightly over 40 pounds, has a beam of about 20 inches, and is built with 3 ml. marine plywood and fiberglass. I’ve taken it on week-long camping trips, but it shines on fitness paddles and for rolling practice. It’s got an ocean-sized cockpit, hard chines and a fairly low rear deck. In my opinion, it’s a fast boat. Paddled hard (by this doddering almost-60-year old) it will cover a mile in 10 minutes.

This kayak is $1000. You can find out more by calling me at 651 757 7479.

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