Fatman Returns

I’ve got a Halloween tradition going — publishing a free serial novella featuring the exploits of Frogtown’s oddball investigator, Fatman.

DukeDeadReal72This year’s novella, Duke Is Dead, builds on Fatman Descends, a serial published last year beginning on Day of the Dead. In that story, Fatman discovers that light-rail construction has opened a portal to the underworld, where the vengeful dead are eager to escape. Fatman and his romantic partner, Doris, are rescued through the negotiations and machinations of the infamous criminal lawyer, Duke Black.

In Duke Is Dead, the attorney has some problems of his own. For starters, he turns up stabbed to death on Fatman’s doorstep. He has seventy-two hours to find his killer and thus avoid a fate as one of the unhappy dead who lurk beneath Frogtown. Duke enlists Fatman, and so the hunt is on.

You can get an episode of about 500 words delivered every weekday via email, starting on Halloween. No cost, no obligations, no username or password, just enter your email address (which will not be resold, exploited, bartered to Russian hackers, etc.) in the registration box you’ll find here.

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