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kayakNov2013I’m coming down the home stretch in building a semi-replica of a Greenland kayak. It’s a little over 17 feet long, and just a shade under 21 inches at the beam. It’s a sweet looking boat with proportions that are generous enough for many modern Americans.

I started building this boat because, well, I wanted to build a boat. I’ve made about 20 of them, so I guess I have to admit that it’s a habit. I could finish it up to fit me. But I could also make it fit you, with the foot brace, the masik (a thigh brace, see it being laminated below) and the back rest adjusted to fit your body.

masikKayakNov2013I am admittedly a biased source, but I find these kayaks tremendously interesting. They’re quiet in the water, light and fast, and — because they can be fit exactly to your shape — exceptionally responsive. I have fiberglass boats, but in comparison they feel, to me, dead.

If you think you might be interested, give me a call at 651 757 7479. The price will be $1200 for the boat skinned in the material of your choice (nylon, polyester or canvas) if you decide to paint or varnish it yourself. It’s $1500 if I deliver the completed kayak.


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