Your kayak?

My wife points out that there are many things you can do with wood. Replace the kitchen counters, for instance. Build a tool bin for the porch. Replace the rotting back stairs. No denying any of that. To quote Andrew Marvell, there’s world enough and time for those things. Or maybe there’s not. I don’t really care.


I’m building another kayak.

It’s a sporty Greenland number with a hugely upswept stern, a soul mate to the 1959 Plymouth Belvedere. Maybe there was a functional reason for this stern treatment, or maybe, as with the Belvedere, it was just another desperate male gambit to impress females. In which case, replacing the rotting back stairs, or some similar effort, probably would have paid off better. Nonetheless.

LC43kayakThe point is that this kayak could be yours. At 17 feet long and 20 inches wide, it is a replica of a boat collected in 1834 at Avagait, Greenland, and now residing in the Danish National Museum. It will likely weigh under 35 pounds when finished, making it a sensible choice for anyone weary of shlepping 65-pounds of fiberglass or plastic to the water’s edge. The kayak can still SAMSUNGbe custom fitted to match your leg length and knee height. The price is $1500.

Interested? Send me a note or call 651.757.7479.


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